and welcome to Overloaded XP. You have just made the best decision of your RuneScape career in joining the most prestigious clan in the game.

We have been an established clan since 2011, and we continue to lead and adapt in our ever changing RuneScape community. We are here to support and provide our members with the best place to share their RuneScape adventure. Overloaded XP is not run by one man, but a team of focused and experienced leaders who do everything they can to maintain and innovate new ways to reward, create events and giveback to our amazing community.

Below you will find information on our rules, useful tools and services we offer.

Clan Services

Avatar Track
The AvatarTracker is a web application brought to you by TzTok Will, Insert GPs, and J3. With the help of the Overloaded XP admin+ team, the AvatarTracker is attempted to be as up-to-date as possible. The avatar locations may only be updated by the admin+ team, but anyone and everyone can access the page to find the avatar locations and is highly encouraged to do so.

To begin using this helpful tool, visit

TeamSpeak is a free voice and text chat program that Overloaded XP uses to connect members together. This is a very useful tool for meeting clan mates and for hosting bossing events.

You may download TeamSpeak for free at and join us at

Skilling Competitions
Every week Overloaded XP hosts a skilling competition as voted by you, and the top five XP gainers in that skill will win prizes ranging from 500K to 5000K GP! This is a fun way to encourage members to skill while rewarding them.

To find out more about current and previous competitions, click here.

Clan Rules

1. No asking in Clan Chat for cash or items.
2. No cheating or scamming members.
3. Follow Admin+ orders.
4. Respect all members and their achievements (new levels gained, monster drops, etc.)
5. No religious, political talk, as these can lead to arguments.
6. No discriminating comments or sexual harassment.
7. No aggressive arguments/fighting in Clan Chat.
8. No spamming allowed in Clan Chat or excessive question marks, symbols, etc.
9. No trust trade gamble games are hosted through our clan chat nor advertised!
10. The Clan Chat is not a market place, do not advertise your sellings/buyings in it.
11. Please leave your rants about Jagex/RuneScape out of our Clan Chat, that is what Runescape's forums are for.
12. Please try to keep Quick Chat limited, it may cause spam.
13. No impersonating other Clan-mates.
14. No trolling or knowingly trying to annoy other clan members in the chat.
15. Follow all rules set by Jagex.
16. Please only speak English in the Clan Chat.

Ranking System and Administrative Positions

Ranks in Overloaded XP are based on experienced gained in the clan. They are broken down in the following order:
- Corporal at 10,000,000
- Sergeant at 50,000,000
- Lieutenant at 100,000,000
- Captain at 250,000,000
- General at 500,000,000

After gaining 100M clan experience (Lieutenant) you may apply for administrative positions such as Avatar Warden or Clan Organizer at 150M clan experience.
Applications are not always open and you must check the corresponding section of the forum for any openings.

Why Make an in game or Monetary Contribution

The clan currently counts on in game contributions (GP) to host the weekly skilling competitions, all the records of clan money are kept here. You may make an in game contribution to either U of M or Kirt.

We also accept monetary donations that help host the clan forums and TeamSpeak channel. You can find out more about clan services and make a contribution at our Donate page.

Now that you're all caught up, continue to our community forums!